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Getting it in!

2021.12.04 17:15 Yoda-No-Soda Getting it in!

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2021.12.04 17:15 poucatinta [FOR HIRE] Commissions for Christmas, only 2 slots available! I will draw IRL, OCs, fanart and more! Prices start at $50

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2021.12.04 17:15 cody03xx [WTT] My B.E. Meyers MAWL C1+ for your FP PEQ-15 $TRADE (NC)

Looking to upgrade from your PEQ to a MAWL? Here’s your chance! I’m looking to trade my MAWL for your PEQ and some cash, depending on condition and DOM (DOM is a reference, as long as the illuminator is gucci idc when it was made).
For an example we’ll say a perfect illuminator would be your PEQ and $500.
Could also possibly work something out for an LA-5.
Not really looking to outright sell but if you’re interested shoot me an offer, worst I can say is no
laser pointer
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2021.12.04 17:15 cabello_weber Looking for swapdoodle friends :)

My FC: 5129-7705-1969 Name Stef
Mainly looking to do swapdoodle but i also have new leaf
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2021.12.04 17:15 Know_Your_Shit_v2 [LifeProTips] LPT: To ride the wave of good times and bad times in such a way that it maximses happiness is by microphase and macrophase. Whenever you are feeling good/happy think about how beautiful this "decade" is, "year" is, "month is". Whenever in a negative state of mind think how bad this "

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2021.12.04 17:15 caverypca “That’s what she spoke,” she stated.

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2021.12.04 17:15 AutomaticWasabi1243 Shipping

Im new how fast is shipping? And does anyone know if the red sacrifice of issac hoodie is coming back?
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2021.12.04 17:15 LtBeefy Well, back to cobbled setup

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2021.12.04 17:15 mannersrus Is it too off-putting to say in your profile that you don't want to date someone with young kids?

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2021.12.04 17:15 Dranosh I may have stumbled onto one of my shadows, could use some help in processing and integrating

Somehow stumbled into the world of Jungian Shadow theory YouTube videos, after letting the idea mull around for the past few days I believe I’ve recognized one of mine.
Long story short: aggression. More specifically aggression when standing up for myself in conflict
Long story: when I see people get upset over things I become annoyed at them, it seems silly to get in such a rage over the most trivial things. I even try to not bring up grievances with other people, especially people in the service industry, like if they get my food order wrong or if they’re late showing up (I’m constantly late so I feel it hypocritical of me to complain :/)
Evidence for this is that I get upset when losing games, like I get in a pissy brooding mood, I’m slowing getting better at not getting mad. When I get annoyed at those customer service Karen’s it’s likely projection so that I can say “I’m a good person because I don’t do THAT” meanwhile “FUCK THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT GAME, WHAT THE FUCKGRRRRRRR”
The good: The most resent issue I had was a subcontractor was late, I was thinking of how to confront him about it and was really thinking of just messaging the general contractor, trying to be passive aggressive and distant by using a message, but instead I managed to stumble into bringing it up and told him to let us now when he’s going to be later than he how late he was expecting.
The bad: I read a post on Facebook about a kid that was stabbed by another kid with scissors, the school didn’t bother to do anything. What makes this bad for me is that I need be able to control my aggression in those situations, I can’t be the best advocate for my child if I can’t even advocate for myself and I sure as hell can’t be let my shadow engulf me into a blind rage where I’m getting perp walked to a police car. Like the guy from that recent Loudon co, Virginia rape case.
How does one begin integration?
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2021.12.04 17:15 Lazy_Bandit I wanted prime ray. Spent a lot of money on gems and never got him. Now this world will know pain…

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2021.12.04 17:15 Maxpower693 LF High IV Lucario

Looking for a high IV Lucario for breeding purposes. I have some shinx, charmander and ralts breedjects that I could offer
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2021.12.04 17:15 SingleRedJosh communism is when usa

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2021.12.04 17:15 Immediate_Trash6361 19M UK just looking for some cool people to chat too!! HMU

If u wanna see what I look like we can send pics
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2021.12.04 17:15 waifuhunter6942069 What is the best spot for geese?

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2021.12.04 17:15 Foreign-Judgment-730 I can't. Get outta my head

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2021.12.04 17:15 Jojojoost010 meirl

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2021.12.04 17:15 Zuccionoob What is this look called. I never understood what this look of wearing a tshirt over a tshirt is called

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2021.12.04 17:15 Severe-Draw-5979 To animals with flippers, feet are just a...

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2021.12.04 17:15 Soggy_Ant_8760 all i do is eat eat eat all those buritos go straight to my thighs omggg

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2021.12.04 17:15 Emiliosalamanca53 I think Disney movies like Encanto are just attempts to cash grab from minority groups

I've noticed that recently Disney/Pixar has been releasing movies focusing around minority groups or anything not white. And while I'm all for the representation they have been pumping out these movies really quickly.
It makes me believe that Disney doesn't care about representation or that they are doing it for the sake of diversity but know that they can easily make money off these groups and the "woke" community by making mediocre movies and just having the Disney name behind them.
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2021.12.04 17:15 ATLUTDisMe Behind this town is the empty void known as "Wyoming". Upon entry, fog so thick that you cannot see your hand rolls in and the ground disappears, leaving you falling through the empty void forever.

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2021.12.04 17:15 devious_burger (Non-Book Reader) How is Child Valda able to overpower so many Aes Sedai?

Not a book reader, so please keep give spoiler free answer if possible. Or if not possible, then just tell me to be patient and wait for the reveal 😃
Child Valda doesn’t look like he has any powers. How is he able to overpower and capture so many Aes Sedai, given that the AS are supposed to be all powerful magic wielders?
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2021.12.04 17:15 hollyannm Are CRAZYBEANZNFTZ worth buying?

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2021.12.04 17:15 tokomyko Come to join the Ancient Egypt Community

This is the link to our group, if you are interested or just curious about ancient egypt come to join and speak with us ;)
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