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2021.12.04 15:49 lilbitxh9 Any one wanna jerk on cam

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2021.12.04 15:49 babylezgo [CA-ON] [H] Iron 180 Salvun Brass Rune Artisan Key [W] Paypal or Local Cash

Timestamp + photos:
Iron 180 Salvun Brass Rune Artisan Key

Looking for $115 OBO shipped. Preference to Canada and US.
Thanks for looking!
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2021.12.04 15:49 iteesdotstore No need to make a resume

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2021.12.04 15:49 carlito1914 Can they rival Xbox Game Pass? We will see.

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2021.12.04 15:49 SomeSpeedyBoi Should I start Malazan now or wait until I’m done with The Wheel of Time?

I’m currently on book 7 of Wheel of Time and I’m enjoying it so far, but I want to take a break for at least a month or two. Malazan has been something I’ve been really looking forward to reading since it basically had almost everything I want in a fantasy story. I’m wondering though if I should start at least book 1 now or wait until I’m done with Wheel of Time. What do you guys think?
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2021.12.04 15:49 Specialist_Head3012 BabyShibTrillionaire | 7% BUSD Rewards for holders | Diamond Handed Community | Huge Roadmap Inludes a NFT Marketplace | CG Listing Expected!

The RICHEST in the SHIB family has arrived and stealthlaunched on the BSC! Baby Shib Trillionaire is a BSC BEP-20 token that pays 7% BUSD rewards just for buying and holding the token.
UPDATE CG FAST TRACK CONFIRMED! Expected listing on or about 11/25/21!!!
💪Strong active community!
✅ AUDITpassed with Coinscope!
🐦Consistant daily twitter giveaways!
⬆️Ranked top 10 on
🗨DEVS in VC daily
💼2% marketing
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💎🙌 Nothing but diamond hands!
Baby Shib Trillionaire is focused on generating passive income for all, while creating a great sense of community!
10% tax on every buy and sell transaction.
💰7% rewarded in BUSD
⛲1% to LP
💼2% to Marketing
Thats 2x the BURN!
Huge roadmap milestones include
NFT Marketplace!
BST $wap!
📋Contract: 0xa679b3b578c452ce000aaa0ca47ee14d1baf5a92
Buy Here:
Renounced Ownership:
🔐Liquidity locked:
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2021.12.04 15:49 0kb0000mer currently searching for a bronze or silver clan

Hello, I am a relatively experienced player looking for a bronze or silver clan taking applications, my ingame name is Possiblespy
EXPERINCE I have been playing crossout on and off for roughly 3 years now, I have about 800 hours ingame as well as 6 months of experience in a bronze league clan that recently disbanded. as for my skill level i am quite experienced with piloting hovers in both pvp and clan wars, I can drive spider and dog but not as well
BUILDS AND INVENTORY -Retcher hover which uses nova cabin, colossus engine, fused chameleon mk 2, doppler and a fused RN seal and fused ammo boxes
-Helios hover which uses nova cabin, fused power unit (charge time), colossus engine and chameleon mk 2
-Vindicator spider with nova cabin, hot red and fused rn seal, one pf the vindis is fused
-Cricket hover with spread fused crickets on torero, colossus and fused ammo boxes. i will admit im shit with this build, but if you want a cricket hover in your comp i am more than happy to improve
-Parser banana with 4 parsers, beholder and hot red
-Incinerator hover using blight cab with fused chameleon mk 2, fused ammo box, fused flywheel and doppler
For full inventory please visit this link
Current plans for the future At the moment i am primarily deceding between fusing my modules and getting relics, but whatever works with your clan i am open to do
If you wish to contact me please message Oats#0553 on discord, thank you
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2021.12.04 15:49 db678153 What are some churches for young people in Binghamton?

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2021.12.04 15:49 Lt-Adam [Searching] Max Town Hall 10 | Lvl 134 | SEAdam | Lvl 5 | Competitive

Just got back into the game and am looking for a chill war environment. Player tag is #LGLPYV2J.
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2021.12.04 15:49 Caramel_obsessed86 I miss him terribly, want to reach out. He ghosted me and it’s been 2 months

I’m 20 years old and I met this 22 year old guy on Tinder. I know, I know exactly how this looks or sounds and I agree. But I didn’t know where else to try to get back into the dating scene, since I only really go to work and home. So my options are very small. After being disappointed many many MANY times by men on the app. Let’s call him Ian, messages me and we made plans to go on a date. The day comes around and I didn’t feel like going out anymore. Dating was so exhausting especially when nothing seems to come of it. But I didn’t want to stand him up and so I went to meet up with hi. Very reluctantly but with a good disposition. Hell, I didn’t even really try with my appearance. I thought that I would just go through with it and I would delete the app and take a break. I was presentable enough of course. I’m not a slob, plus perhaps I would gain a friend from this. Who knows right? But then all my thoughts and regrets about the date kind of disappeared the moment he walked through the door. His genuine smile completely lit up the room. And I didn’t feel nervous or anxious. I felt comfortable and almost a sense of familiarity and peace. It was unlike anything I had experience. And the date was equally and beautiful. The end of the date was something that was out of a movie. He had been sitting in his car and singing together when he looks at me and asks me to dance with him. It was raining that night and we danced in the light of an empty parking lot. And he kissed me. I had never felt so compatible with anyone in that sense ever. The floor fell away and I loved every second of it. Naturally this date let to many others in a short course of half a month. He was perfect, he was kind and gentle and funny. Very smart and eloquent. I was very quickly falling for him as you can tell. He made me feel like the most special person to him while I was with him. Key word, while I was with him. I could seem to figure him out. He would make all this effort to come see me and plan every single one of our dates. But it was as of the minute that I left he was uninterested. He would seldom text me at all really. I would chuck it up to him being a busy college student. Which I understood completely. He has a life and I have a life. So I wouldn’t make a big fuss of it. I’m not the type to blow up someone’s phone just because they don’t text me. I also thought he might just be a bad texter. But then it really started bothering me when he could go maybe two days without text I guess me. Or he would bit very very late at night about something random. So I happened to be at a party in his town and I texted him inviting him. He said he has busy with a final but if I wanted to I could go over at mindnigjt bebe would be done by then. I agreed and go over. We had a pleasant time watching a movie. He walked me back to my car and he decided to speak up. Asking if something was wrong, that I could ask him or talk to him about anything. He could tell that there was something on my mind. So I reluctantly ask him if he liked me. He had previously confirmed that he had. But I needed to make sure. He started reassuring me sweet as ever. And then he took a guess at my question asking if it was because of his lack of texting. I said yes and he swift explained that he was simply busy. That he was a bad texted with everyone. Now, perhaps he was telling the truth. But I also know that now matter how bad you are at texting. And you have even a little bit of interest you try texting said person. But I just nodded. I then said that I completely understood that he had a life and that I respected it and I appreciated the effort to be with me despite us living an hour away. I also said that I I didn’t want to scare him away with all this. That I was honestly a little scared because I was starting to like him a lot. I said that this didn’t mean I was trying to get into a relationship with him as we had been seeing each other for not very long. And that if he wanted to I could give him space. But he quickly shut all that down. Again so firmly reassuring me that he liked me a lot too. That there ideas nothing I could possibly do or say to scare him away. But something inside me didn’t feel right. So just knew it was the last time I’d see him. So I just smiled and went along with this false security trying to elongate these last few minions had with him. And the. I was on my way. I thought maybe I was just paranoid and pessimistic. I mean we had previously talked on a date before about how much we hated when people ghosted eat other without an explanation or a conversation like adults. How easy it would be to be honest and say. “Hey you are amazing but I lousy don’t see it working out. I wish you the best” Surly he would do that to me. But then morning came and nothing. And then it was days. I thought maybe I would reach out. Maybe he was simply busy. But pride can ruin good things so I texted him asking how he was and he never replied. I was absolutely distraught. I deleted his number and unfollowed him on social media as to hopefully make it easier for me to move on. But 2 months later and I still miss him and think about him and how he’s doing every day. I was doing okay for a while. Just been working. I even tried going on a date. But even then I was looking for him in the other person. I keep thinking maybe it was the wrong time but right person. Though I’m also stuck with the thought that I need to respect myself. That if he wanted to he would. That out of both of us I was sadly the one who cared more and he was the one that got away. Would should I do?
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2021.12.04 15:49 yesoffence What celebrity death shocked you the most?

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2021.12.04 15:49 seanoeoe Another Kwami from the story I’m writing, meet Hunni the Kwami of Preservation. [OC]

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2021.12.04 15:49 dGdog420 Theres bots here now that's just talking bad about dogecoin

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2021.12.04 15:49 killerangergaming Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign Death Montage - COD Vanguard Deaths Compilation

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2021.12.04 15:49 scriptmonkey13 Wear Pass or Not? (Ontario, Canada)

Our car is finally here! Ordered in early October. We're in Ontario, Canada.
We're leasing and plan to return it to dealer.
According to the salesperson, it covers up to 4K in damages, but they don't care about small dings and scratches... If true, Wear Pass is like buying insurance when you already have one when renting a car. So not needed.
We have it on our current lease as we were told that any damage would be charged to us, so we added it.
Mixed messages from different dealerships.
Should we get the Wear Pass or not?
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2021.12.04 15:49 Reasonable-Pudding-5 Need PSU upgrade advice!

Currently have a 650 watt, which is perfectly fine for my system. But I want something lot stronger for future upgrades. I also hear that a PCIe 5.0 power connector on upcoming power supplies could be needed pretty soon. Is a new PSU something I should wait to grab or will there be an adapter to work around this if I have a current gen PSU?
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2021.12.04 15:49 crystalbluez Theory about Gundham

Since Gundham grew up eating his mom’s cooking, and she didn’t know how to cook, I think that Gundham values great-tasting food. On this basis, he’d become good friends with Teruteru. Unfortunately for Sonia (according to TV tropes, Sonia can’t cook either), this would put a strain on their relationship when they get really close
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2021.12.04 15:49 JDG_AHF_6624 Rockets

Where went the community builds on the game go, there used to be community builds on the game that you could get and apply to your own save however I can't find that anymore
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2021.12.04 15:49 Jhollan84 Come join the fkn apes and see what all the fuss Is about!💥fast growing community that u don't wanna miss out on. Join the discord now for a chance to win a fkn ape

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2021.12.04 15:49 imsohurtrightnow11 HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED. Does anyone have this hat ? Did it ever drop ? Is anyone selling it?

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2021.12.04 15:49 InspiringExpiring California has 50 times more monarch butterflies than last year — a puzzling blip in their path to extinction

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2021.12.04 15:49 My_Dad_Is_A_Shadd0w Sideswipe over RL?

taking a poll to see the communities opinion.
View Poll
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2021.12.04 15:49 Soggy_Focus5839 What happened in those years?

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2021.12.04 15:49 sergiommrebelo PCD@Coimbra 2021

PCD@Coimbra 2021 Hi everyone!
Processing Community Day Coimbra 2021 is almost here!
The event starts 8th of December and will have a hybrid nature, taking place physically and also being streamed online.The main event takes place in 9th of December and includes keynote session with Ted Davis and a short presentations session with Daniel Cevallos Andrade, Gustavo Muñoz, Jesús Ibáñez Martínez, Jia-Rey Chang, Miguel Murça, André Duarte and Pietro Bolcato. Also, the program includes two workshops (Processing for Android and Generative Type Design) and two exhibitions (25 and {between}).
The event is free to attend but requires registration. More info:
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2021.12.04 15:49 CongregationOfVapors Kevin the Scientist Tried to Get Us Fired

So my former coworker is a Kevin.
We both worked at a small biotech company as research scientists. There are many mysteries about Kevin, and most of them we have not solved.
Kevin has made several unsuccessful attempts to kill us, and this is a story of how he tried to make all of our jobs obsolete.
Perhaps I should preface the story by saying that Kevin does very little work. He might go into the lab once that week if the moon is aligned with Venus and Mars is in retrograde. Otherwise, he sits at his desk all day, but doesn't respond to emails or requests for scientific inputs.
What we did eventually learn was that the reason why Kevin contributed little to discussions was because it took him forever to figure out a response. I suppose by the time he had a response, we would have wrapped up the discussion DAYS prior.
Once in a while, Kevin would still graced us with his belated responses, and this was one of such inopportune times... (Sorry for the long preamble).
We had a very urgent call from our manager to design a study. The email said to respond by the end of the following day. By the deadline, our team (sans Kevin) had hammer out the scope of the study and specific details that we needed to know.
This was an extremely high priority project, so the team got to work ASAP and started performing the tests.
TWO WEEKS LATER, Kevin sends out a long email detailing why each of the study objective that we have laid out is pointless, and that we had better off contracting the entire study to a contract research organization.
At this point, the team is already in full swing, with everyone is devoting full time to the project. So convincing the higher-ups to contract out the whole project would make our jobs obsolete.
(As well, you couldn't actually contract this work out at the time. There was no commercial service available that was validated for what we wanted to do.)
The best part is that Kevin had emailed the ENTIRE company, including everyone on the board of directors, the c-suite, all the consultants. Unsurprisingly this sounded alarms with the higher-ups, who started to question the value of the whole department when they could just "easily" contract the work out instead.
Fortunately, our manager put an end to the madness and restored faith in us handling the project, and we all still had jobs.
Newest update: most people in the department had recently left due to problems with senior management (antiwork stories), leaving Kevin as the sole remaining scientist! Really curious how things will go from here on.
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