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Murder Drones [Chapter 5]

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. A Vancouver man accused of killing his two-year-old child now faces several charges, including first-degree murder and kidnapping, police officials said. The suspect, identified as 31-year-old ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. MSN A daycare operator faces a charge of murder after a year-old girl in her care was allegedly abused and later died. Police said Amanda Taylor, 41, who holds a valid childcare license, was the only ... The world's leading producers of funny, interactive murder mystery dinner theater, murder mystery weekends. Private Parties Nationwide, New York to Los Angeles. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The accused raped and murdered a three-year-old girl when she stepped out of her house to play with her pet dog. The Bombay High Court upheld the death sentence awarded to him by a Thane court. MSN 301 Moved Permanently. nginx/1.18.0

2021.12.04 17:02 Zodiac36Gold Murder Drones [Chapter 5]

<--------- Previous Chapter
The reporter calmly sat on a chair outisde the office door. It had taken him a considerable amount of time to finally get this appointment. After all, the leader of the main company of tyhe galaxy in regards to colonization of new planets was always so very busy. But he always found time for reporters. After all, he had to show the public what a wondrous and hard-working man he was. In truth they were all masks, the reporter was sure of it. The only thing that mattered to Jenson was the money his company made. The rest was all a nuisance.
The reporter's name was Ralph Hillings. For twenty years he had worked for the BGA, Bureau of Galactic Affairs. In other words, the modern version of FBI, CIA and CSI all put together. They gathered information, examined and solved crimes and made sure that everyone stayed in their place in the whole galaxy. Ralph had worked for years in the FBI/CSI part of the whole businness, working on solving some of the bloodiest and horrible crimes the worlds had ever seen. It sure as hell wasn't a boring job, that was for sure. Problem was, it wasn't boring. It was dangerous. Sometimes one would capture the "wrong" person and his life would become a hell of constantly hiding away from the world. Sure, with modern technologies it wasn't difficult to get yourself a new identity and face, but you can probably understand how difficult it can sometimes be to just... become someone else. It wasn't just a Pirandellian mask, no, it was a litteral Mattia Pascal.
But that had been exactly what happened to Ralph. Obviously Ralph wasn't even his actual name. Not the one his parents had given him originally. That name had disappeared from the face of the universe like a piece of paper put in aicd, leaving behind not even the ashes. And it had been so long now that he was starting to find it difficult to remember that old man.
He sighed and looked at his notepad, where questions were already prepared to make sure he wouldn't lose a single precious minute. Truth was, he didn't want to spend a single minute more than needed in the same room with that man. He was sure that the Bureau kept an eye on him, like it did for every single organization that was this big. But he was also sure that he made them turn a blind eyhe on many of his operations. Which ones? He didn't know. Yet. And, if all went well, he wasn't going to get involved in any of that. He had changed face for a reason.
Finally the secretary looked up from whatever she was doing on her holographic last-gen computer and, looking at him, said: -Mr. Jenson is ready to receive you.-
Then she looked down and kept working as if he didn't exist anymore.
He shook his head and reached the double doors to the office with a few long strides. He had always been a tall person and many of his neighbors said that he would have probably been a great basketball player. He always laughed at that and nodded. Because, in truth, he found those sports uninteresting. He saw them as people running around in a rectangle, trying to put a ball in a hole. He couldn't understand how people could get excited about such things or, in one case, even kill.
It had been one of his first cases. A man had killed two of his friends and then tried to hide parts of their bodies inside basketballs. He still foudn incredible how the man had managed to break open all those balls and then stitch them back together in such a way that the damage wasn't even visible. But, even more so, he found interesting how he had managed to get so many balls.
He reached the double doors and observed as they opeend.
The office on the other side was the definition of the word opulent. Red carpets on the floor that were probably made from spidersilk harvested from planet "Mercury 16" (which was the fifth planet orbiting around the first star of the constellation once known as Sagittarius), wooden desk artfully crafted from ironwood, as resistant as iron and as beautiful as the best of cedar wood you could have found a few centuries ago on Earth, before it had been practically stripped bare.
A giant painting of Jenson hanged from the wall on his right, the frame made out of what he was pretty sure was gold. He was represented as sittting on a comfortable red velvet chair in your classic "Napoleon-pose", one hand resting on an armrest while the other sat on the representation of a planet. If one had looked closer they would have noticed that, on the planet, little robots and humans were working like small ants to terraform the world. Ralph noticed that. He had always been one with an eye for details. That was one of the many things that helped him make his name in his department in the BGA.
The man sitting on the other side of the desk was smiling at him the whitest smile he had ever seen. An actor would have killed for a smile like that.
He smiled back as he sat on the comfortable chair tht was set on his side of the desk. It wasn't as magificent as the one of the boss, one of many ways to let the people who entered the room know that they were less than him, no matter how powerul they thought they were. Ralph didn't feel like someone who had power. Right now at least. If there was one thing he knew it was that information was the one true allmighty weapon of the whole universe. The wrong kind of information in the wrong ear could lead to the downfall of presidents. Jenson knew that very well. That was why he never showed a single weakness to anyone. Truth be told, even in his best days in the BGA he could hardly find anything regarding JC Jenson. They liked the things they did to remain misteries, and the contracts they made their workers sign were so full of... "consequences" in case of leakage of those informations that nobody wanted to mess with them.
So, from the moment he had been told that he was to interview the boss of the company, he knew that it would have all been useless, that he'd get at best the things he had already told to all the other reporters that had come before him. At worst even less than that.
For that reason, from the moment he sat down, he started looking on the man's desk, trying to get a glimpse at what the man was currently working on. And he kept looking even when he looked up at the man's eyes, saying hello, thanking him for giving him his precious time. He kept looking as they shook hands and Jenson told him it wasn't a problem at all, that it was actually a pleasure.
And he kept looking as he said that he was going to try to make it fast so as not to make him lose too much time.
As stated a few lines ago Ralph was a man with a very good eye for details.
And, as has been proven up until now, the Universe has a strange sort of sense of humor.
So, when Jenson changed position to sit a bit more comfortably on his chair, assuming what Ralph liked to call the "cigar-position". He actually expected the man to open a drawer and take out a high quality cigar, the rare kind of stuff that probably costed thousands. But what were numbers of four digits to a man who worked on a daily basis with numbers of ten to twelve? The man would then offer him one out of kindness. Obviously Ralph would say no. Then the man would insist and he would accept but not smoke it. After the meeting then he would go somewhere and try to sell it. The BGA had set him up on a job that paid him very well, and sometimes his department still contacted him to ask for some help in rare cases, but one could never have enough money. Who knew what he'd need it for one day?
But, as these thought crossed his mind, Jenson didn't take out a cigar. Instead he moved one of the many papers on his desk and, in that moment, Ralph, out of old habits, tried to read as much from it as he could. The title read "Reports on Teta 23, 15 Situation".
That caught his attention. Teta 23, 15 was the planet that had exploded years ago. The first failure of the whole company in decades. There hadn't been any survivors. So Ralph wondered why a man who had to think about at least a dozen other terraforming projects kept getting information on a planet that was now completely uninhabitable for humans. Or rather, there were ways, but they would probably cost far too much.
His brain methodically made up a few hipothesises and, one by one, discarded them all. Until a little candle started to glow in the darkness. And he remembered that the Company didn't use human workforces alone to terraform planets. They also used drones. Robots that could handle the most dangerous parts of the work. And a thought wormed its way in his mind: "Humans couldn't survive those conditions. But what about robots? They don't need food, just electricity. They don't have to fear the cold. Tey could live there without a problem".
It took his mind all of ten seconds to go trough all of this.
Ten seconds of settling bakc in each other chairs, looking at each other with fake smiles and, finally, looking at Ralph's notepad as it was placed on the table with a pen.
And Ralph started to ask his questions, the ones that he had been told to ask. And, as expected, he got exactly the same answers as all those that had preceded him. Sure, the words were different, but the concepts were exactly the same.
But that didn't matter to him anymore, for he had other questions to ask later, when the actual businness was done.
And, finally, that part was over, fifteen minutes later.
Then Ralph took his notepad in his hand and flipped to a new, clean, page. And he said: -Mr. Jenson, we've nearly finished. I'd just like to ask another question if it's no problem.-
-Absolutely. Ask away.- answered Jenson in a jovial tone and with a smile.
-Well... pertaining planet Teta 23, 15.- he said. And, for a moment, he saw a shadow cross the other man's face, his smile faltering for a but a moment. Nobody would have noticed. But he was looking exactly for that kind of reaction. And he understood that maybe his hunch wasn't just a stupid complottistic theory. For why would a man seem so touched by such a thing when so much time had passed.
Anyways, Jenson pulled himself together and asked: -What of it? There is not much to say. It was my company's greatest failure. All the inhabitants of the planet died that day, and I am extremely sorry for that. But we have learned from our mistakes and nothing like that will ever happen.- the smile on his face was a bit strained. Apart from that his poker face was perfect.
-Absolutely Sir, I understand that.- which was a way of subtly telling him that he remembered those same words from the interviews on TV so many years ago. Now that he thought about it, he ahd still worked for the BGA at the time. -But I was wondering... maybe something could have survived.-
-Impossible. No kind of form of life coud have survived the explosion and the subsequent ice age.- answered back the man calmly after seemingly thinking about it for a moment. But Ralph noticed one thing: his fingers had started to slowly tap on the wood of his chair.
-I believe you on that front but... maybe something that wasn't biological in nature could have survived. If I am not wrong your company uses drones to help in the terraforming process.- he kept pushing. He noticed immediatly how Jenson's eyes flew for a moment towards the table, where the report was sitting. He saw the finger of his free hand move on the table just a tiny bit, movig another report about expenses on drills on top of the one about the planet. They were all small movements, all things that a trained eye wouldn't have noticed. But at this point Ralph was looking more at the man's movements and actions that listening at his words.
-Yes, we do have drones that help us in our work. Problem is that they all died. Their batteries died after a few days of aimlessly wandering on the planet. The geothermal plants that gave all the panet energy stopped after, well, after the core simply imploded. We still don't even know how the planet didn't even collapse in on itself after that.- the man chuckled and Ralph was sure that he heard a bit of nervousness in that sound. He also looked at his eyes and saw how the pupil had relatively visibly restricted. And then, as the man kept talking, how he changed position, inconsciously crossing his arms, giving off the sensation that he wanted the conversation to end. -So yes, there's litterally nothing on the planet right now. Well, if you don't count the ruins.-
Ralph decided to stop there. He lifted himself from the chair and extended his hand towards Jenson: -Well then, I'm sorry for bringing back such painful memories. Thank you again for your time, Mr. Jenson. Have a nice day!-
-Don't worry. And you too!- said Jenson, his jovial tone back. He shook his hand.
And then Ralph was back out of the door, his brain working a hundred miles per hour as he thought about his recent discovery. About how the man had, in a way, confirmed his suspicions.
He walked back towards the elevator, not even bothering to say goodbye to the secretary.
As the doors closed he shook his head. No! He wasn't going to try to dig up more information. He had to give up his previous life exactly for that reason. He wasn't going to do it again!
A few minutes passed.
And, as the doors to the ground floor opened, his phone was already at his ear as he said: -Hello Mike... Yes, yes, everything is good... Yes, Molly is alright... Listen, could I bother you for a favour?... Yeah?... Oh, thank you so much. Would it be a problem for you to ask around the department if they know anything about JC Jenson doing something strange with Teta 23, 15... yes, it's the planet that exploded... Just crusious... Thank you Mike, I'm owe you one.-
He closed the call.
While all this happened, on said planet Uzi received by N the news that a new spire had appeared a few cities away.
The new team of Murder Drones was soon going to become a problem. One they couldn't ignore.
Hi guys! new chapter here! This one is, as you can clearly see, much shorter than the last one. But, today, I'm presenting a new character that will, later on, become very important to the story. I've been steadily working forward on the battle against the new drones and I can say that it's gonna be good. But it's gonna take a bit of time.
BTW, I have to thank user No_Regret2405 here on Reddit for both the great support (THANK YOU!!!) and for giving me the idea for this new character with a simple supposition in chapter three. So yeah, Ralph is dedicated to you. Thanks again!
Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this chapter. As always, critique and comments are taken into consideration and loved.
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Battletags however aren’t exclusives for instance I also go by Duckettes on battlenet, and if you tried adding me you would need my 4 digit code. So by posting a chat log it doesn’t give out any real info about the user. Dumb rule is dumb and mods seem to take the side of bigoted speech cool.
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