8yiy8 ae7h9 zdhkn d7y74 zs7dn r23nf 4k4b7 3bbyk afrit 6nrnh fa4bd ds457 9yf3z dr3f9 ahest 3i8e2 fk28r 5a8y5 5tkah 9e22k 23z6e Vídeo mostra estrago de dois anos de garimpo na Amazônia |

Vídeo mostra estrago de dois anos de garimpo na Amazônia

2021.12.04 17:05 caralhudovoador Vídeo mostra estrago de dois anos de garimpo na Amazônia

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2021.12.04 17:05 jodie_ginger What did you see that a lot of people wouldn't believe?

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2021.12.04 17:05 ZoolShop Total solar eclipse plunges Antarctica into darkness

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2021.12.04 17:05 Mdoeque markiplier

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2021.12.04 17:05 LeFlameWolf Accurate

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2021.12.04 17:05 rooh62 Just purchased this, I thought it was real however a friend says it isn’t. What do you think? Thank you

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2021.12.04 17:05 Disastrous-Sweet-974 Norwegian translation by azimut#9690

Chainlink PriceFeeds Are Live on Moonriver https://medium.com/@fillisti8/chainlink-prisfeeds-er-live-p%C3%A5-moonriver-cfbae099b46c
original: https://moonbeam.network/announcements/chainlink-pricefeeds-moonrive
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2021.12.04 17:05 Noaaaahhhh-1106 Living in France for 5 more months, missing range days with my modest set up.

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2021.12.04 17:05 ken_brulee Hiya folks! Can somebody identify it? And is it a slow grower? Thanks!

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2021.12.04 17:05 njkahuna1 Welcome Home.

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2021.12.04 17:05 bloom2701 Best anti-perspirant deodorant for women

Preferably aluminum-free that keeps you dry all day. Any recommendations??
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2021.12.04 17:05 AltAccount302 Reminder: You can donate to Daxton’s Friends or DogsBite.org through Amazon Smile

If you shop on Amazon, remember to use Amazon Smile so that a nonprofit of your choice receives a small donation with every purchase.
Daxton’s Friends and DogsBite.org are two eligible nonprofits that people on this subreddit might be interested in choosing.
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2021.12.04 17:05 the_sand_moose What do y'all think of this?

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2021.12.04 17:05 BothPick 🏦Shiba Heist🏦 Lottery System Coming |💥 Only 250K Market Cap |💥 8% Shib and Floki to All Holders |

Shiba Heist’s vision is to become one of the top double rewards tokens with a whole reward ecosystem coming on the Binance Smart Chain by the automatic redistribution of 8% Shiba and Floki to all holders. Simply buy and hold $HEIST to get rewarded with 8% Shiba and Floki every hour!
Launched just over 24 hours ago and a healthy chart! Strong community base and active Dev in the chat.
✅ 8% Shiba and Floki Rewards
✅ Rewards ecosystem
✅ Liquidity locked 12 months
✅ Usecase in development
✅ Audit Completed
✅ SAFE - 100% LP Tokens are locked for 12 months
✅ CMC and CG submitted
💵 Tokenomics 💵
Total Supply: 1 000 000 000 Buy/Sell Tax: 15% 8% Shiba and Floki Rewards 4% Marketing 3% Liquidity
Successful KYCd presale on PinkSale that sold out in 5 minutes! Most presale holders sold at launch.
Contract: 0x962cf7f92cf0a2cf55364c6fb801987f07023d13
Be Updated with the latest announcements by following all of our Social Media‘s!
Official Telegram: https://t.me/shibaheistentry
Official Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/shibaheist/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/shibaheisttoken
Official Website: https://www.shibaheist.com
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/PRRsWgacar
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2021.12.04 17:05 Holo_San (Selling) Shang-Chi (4K), Saint Maud (HD), Fasts 1-9 bundle (HD), Matrix Trilogy (4K)

I'll take PayPal F&F and Ca$h App!
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 4K (untouched MA): $12
Saint Maud HD (2 copies): $10
Fast and Furious 1-9 Bundle HD (MA): $30
Matrix Trilogy 4K (MA): $16
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2021.12.04 17:05 aadon__ Who won this trade?

12 man PPR
View Poll
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2021.12.04 17:05 Rive914 Strange question

I bought Hitman 2 gold edition on steam, I have it vinculated with hitman 3 on epic (I can play the levels), if I refund it on steam, willl I lose the access to Hitman 2 in Hitman 3? or I will be able to play the game even if I dont have it anymore?
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2021.12.04 17:05 Putrid_Car_2439 LUNA!!!! Our chincess 🙊🙊

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2021.12.04 17:05 Brendamnit Best way to watch Die Hard? Widescreen or Full Screen?

Just wondering if there was a preferred way to enjoy this movie?
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2021.12.04 17:05 Thatzflow I come bearing more Scott and Jimmy art <3

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2021.12.04 17:05 stillalert [VENDO] Escritorio Dxracer (Tiecat), mouses y auriculares de gama alta

Buenas gente! como les va?
dejo las publicaciones aca y los links
precio especial x cada articulo si es en efectivo x rediturro
Steelseries Rival 710 Como Nuevo
Vaxee Outset White Edition Nuevo
Drop + Sennheiser Pc38x Gaming Headset
Escritorio Dxracer Tiecat 130
efectivo 37 mil
hago envios de todo menos el escritorio obvio porque es un quilombo
vivo en CABA en el centro a unas cuadras de puerto madero
cualquier cosa su consulta no molesta, saludos
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2021.12.04 17:05 KittensKnitMittens Salmon Run is my favorite!! Sketched my character in Procreate. (OC)

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2021.12.04 17:05 Ordinary_Ad9730 Console upgrade….

Quick question currently on Xbox one, if I upgrade to a series s/x does UT carry over?The Fifa version I have isn’t the transferable so I know I’d need to buy the game again
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2021.12.04 17:05 TheFastRaid aradir drogao *pd: lo hice yo con el paint*

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2021.12.04 17:05 KenDawg25 The next Poll

Well looks like A Cure for Vampirism won with 58.1% of the vote (the reason I think so is because of the feature) I will reveal what the song is about and make lyrics for the song. Here is the next poll and thanks for voting on the last poll. The rules of the polls will be in the comments.
View Poll
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