Godzilla vs King Kong final act my way

2021.12.04 16:27 kingkongkingoftitans Godzilla vs King Kong final act my way

Btw in this version kong isn't needy and godzilla has actual personality
Godzilla and King Kong both meet in Hong Kong for the beginning of the final act.
They stare one another down in an attempt to tell eachother that there Is still time to back out if the other wants.
Godzilla let's out a verocious roar and just when godzilla is finished kong plants his axe against a building to the right of him and pounds his chest.
They both have close ups of eachothers faces in anger showing the true hate they have for one another and that they are each going to use that mass amount of hate to their advantage.
The battle begins with kong and godzilla charging at one another with godzilla and kong clashing together with kong holding godzilla back with the axe.
Kong attempts to slowly push godzilla towards a nearby building in an attempt to choke him unconscious with the axe.
Godzilla then begins to charge up his nuclear breath at a fast pace.
Kong realises this and shoves the holding area of the axe into godzilla throat therfore delaying the the charge up.
Godzilla pushes kong off of him and charges at kong.
Kong swiftly and narrowly escapes and sends gojira into a nearby building.
Kong with haste scales a large building near godzilla and leap off of it landing on godzillas back.
Kong lands a few shots to the spine of goji and shatters one of gojiras spikes.
This gets godzilla pissed and backs up into the building piercing his spikes into kong chest region while kong attempts to choke him out with the axe.
It shows close ups of their faces both struggling to keep this up then goji gives up and staggers forward with kong still on his back.
Godzilla knocks the axe out of kongs hand with his tail from below and then proceeds to bite on kongs arm.
With one arm in the grip of gojiras teeth kong decides that with his other arm he would pound on gojiras gills which he does successfully.
Godzilla throws kong forwards and off of his back and into a building and when kong lands to the floor with a mighty smash.
Godzilla then gets cocky and lets out a massive roar thinking he has won.
Godzilla slowly walks over to the area were kong landed.
He looks around and has no idea were kong is.
He looks around and in a godzilla pov we see kong jumping off of a building landing on godzilla sending them both to the ground.
Kong then gets godzilla by the back of the neck so that they are face to face.
He then rolls over taking godzilla to the floor.
As godzilla attempts to get up kong hits him with a mighty punch to the face which stuns godzilla.
Kong then hits goji with a dropkick making sure that godzilla is atleast temporarily down.
Kong looks around with his head for the axe.
He sees the axe and makes a mad dash for it.
Godzilla sees kong running for the axe and begins to open fire with his atomic breath.
This urges kong to use the building as cover and use his climbing skills and swiftness to reach the axe.
Kong gets to the axe giving him some momentaril hope.
Then out of no were godzillas atomic breath goes through the building kong is standing behind and knocks kong to the floor.
Kong shuts his eyes and remembers some small things about his family and thinks about jia and his home in hollow earth and his throne room which goji destroyed.
Gojira walks over and roars.
King kong then gets up and bashes his arm against the building to pop it back into place and then puts his fists up and growls.
Kong runs at godzilla and slides through his legs.
While doing this he slashes godzilla on the inside of his leg with the axe.
Godzilla kneels down out of pain but with severe anger on his face.
Goji then attempts to charge up his breath in a last Ditch effort while on his knees.
Kong then swings round the axe and plants it into godzillas face with the momentum sending kong to the floor and while also knocking down godzilla.
Kong and goji get up at the same time.
Goji uses his atomic breath to knock the axe out of kongs hands.
Kong runs at goji.
Goji steps to the side.
Kong then jumps off a building and lands a shot onto godzilla face.
Godzilla then attempts a tale swing.
Kong then dodges which sends godzillas tale into a building.
The camera gives a close up of g roaring in pain.
Kong then jumps on godzillas tale causing even more pain.
Godzilla wips his tale from below kongs feet sending kong to the floor.
Godzilla runs and smashes kong into a building.
Kong then dodges and sends godzilla into the same building.
Kong then swings around on the building and sends godzilla through it.
Kong obtains the axe. Godzilla charges up the atomic breath
Godzilla fires and kong throws.
The axe flies through the breath and connects to the center of gojis face causing a large explosion.
Kong runs to the axe and obtains it.
As goji is getting up he slashes one of kongs eyes.
King kong then pushes goji away.
Kongs vision is temporarily blurry.
Goji takes advantage of this and sends kong through a building.
He then slashes up kong chest and bites his collar bone.
Kong retaliates with a kick to the ribs and a bite to the collar bone.
Kong then swings the axe (similar to cap in endgame when he faces thanos) and smashes gojis face.
They then have a push around and punch claw and stab one another for a while.
After about another 10 minutes of straight up carnage on one another godzilla goes to charge up his breath.
Kong counters and sticks the axe down gs throat causing and explosion sending them both back.
Kong then climbs a building and slams into the floor with his axe with such verocity that it send nuclear waves through the floor making the floor turn blue.
The waves hit godzilla sending him to the floor.
Kong then runs at gojira.
Gojira gets up and slashes kong with his claws to the floor.
Gojira attempts to stand on kong but misses and pays with another axe to the head.
They then both back up to opposite nearby building behind them.
They both look at one another as if to say " You ready to quit."
They both hesitate and charge at one another.
They smash into one another causing a large shock (similar to ghidora and goji but with much more power.)
This massive collision of God and King creates an enormous dust cloud.
It cuts to godzilla on his back against the building which he was leaning on earlier.
Goji then attempts to get up but is struck with an axe to the chest.
Kong appears from the dust cloud standing tall over godzilla.
Godzilla has a look of fear In his eyes as if he's telling kong to finish him.
Kong then goes to pull the axe out of gojis chest.
Godzilla then out of anger roars in kongs face telling him that he will die before submitting.
Kong the roars back in a roar off scene similar to gvk except with positions reversed.
Godzilla out roars King Kong which makes kong angry.
Kong then rips the axe out of godzilla chest causing godzilla to scream in pain. (Similar to how he cried about mothra in kom.)
Kong then raises the axe above his head ready to finish godzilla. Kong then turns around and looks at the damage he and godzilla had caused on Hong Kong.
Kong then drops the axe next to godzilla and begins to walk away.
He walks to the building opposite and not far away from goji.
He then collapses against the building and passes out just after godzilla.
Both staring at one another as they pass out.
Hours later mecha g comes and sees the injured kong and godzilla.
Godzilla sees the passed out kong and realises that kong isn't the threat.
He then gets into a fight with mecha godzilla in the same way which gvk portays the fight.
Kong awakens to see g getting his arse kicked.
He runs in an saves g in the same way as the film.
After a large struggle kong is pushed against a building with mecha g charging up his beam.
Goji sees kong in need of assistance and charges up his breath.
Just before mecha g can kill kong, Godzilla fires his beam which shaves off parts of mecha gs face.
Kong takes the opportunity to push mecha to the floor and begins pounding at him with the axe that g had charged up earlier.
After many hits to the downed mecha g kong is ready to finish the job.
As kong lifts the axe over his head he looks at goji.
Godzilla looks ashamed and angry.
Kong then roars at g telling him " I am not your king."
Kong then nods at g telling him to finish the job and complete his mission.
Godzilla charges up his breath and destroys mecha g once and for all.
Kong and godzilla stare at one another.
Kong begins to roar. Godzilla begins to roar. But this time it is as a sign of respect for one another.
Godzilla then swims into the sunset while kong grabs his axe and climbs the tallest building in Hong Kong and watched godzilla swim away in a cool shot of them both.
Godzilla and kong rule in peace ✌. Thanks for reading pls give ur thoughts on this
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P.S, I made an invisible squad once already, but they're somewhere in my room and I can't find the damn things /s
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