Egalitarianisms, Negative Equality, and the Importance of Principles.

2021.12.04 16:38 Mitoza Egalitarianisms, Negative Equality, and the Importance of Principles.

This post is going to take a lot of content from a post I made previously to /FeMRADebates about egalitarianism. Some ideas from it have crystallized, others are less important. If you're interested you can read the full context in the link. It will also draw from another post that discusses the rhetoric of bargaining. While the examples are from the board that it was posted to, there are clear through lines to rhetoric that has recently emerged here.
Recent discussion of abortion issues on this board have lead to some perplexing contributions. For analysis sake, look at this comment. It's made by a user flaired "egalitarian":

Sucks to suck.
No Feminist ever stood up for Legal Paternal Surrender (paper abortion) for men, so why the fuck should I fight for some Feminist's special rights?
The answer is, I'm not going to help.
If Feminists want to earn my time and attention they can put LPS front and center of the abortion debate.
Otherwise? Enjoy being equal to men concerning abortion rights lololololol
This sentiment is not rare. You can see the same principle being repeated in other threads asking support for women's rights from self-labeled egalitarians and male advocates.
The point here is not to doubt that the author of this post is not an egalitarian, but to steel man them and ask the question: If this is what egalitarianism looks like, what are its principles?
In my post about egalitarianism, I identified a few types. So as to not repeat myself, I encourage you to follow the link above to see them. This falls under, in my opinion, either "Authoritarian Egalitarianism" or "Avenger Egalitarianism". The author enjoys the idea of women being equal to men concerning abortion rights. To think of this as a consistent egalitarian position, this support is not based in a beneficent principle (for example, increasing the relative freedoms of society's peoples), but in a support for a strict sense of equality. To use an example that isn't politicized, it would be as if society was in the habit of slapping brown haired people in the face, while leaving blonde haired people alone. One way to make this situation equal is, obviously, to stop slapping brown haired people. Another way is to slap everyone. If one was apply the principle that it is wrong to slap people, it would seem absurd to suggest that we should slap everyone equally. On the other hand, if one is informed by the drive to make everyone as equal as possible without any other guiding principle, slapping everyone seems like a logical option.
The latter position is a bad way to go about things. Without a principle to guide actions of equality, it can easily lead to advocating for equal oppressions, meaning more oppression in the world. Since people are better off when they are less oppressed, Authoritarian Egalitarianism actively makes people worse off. If you are guided by a principle of strict equality, you can also achieve this by arguing for the gains in freedoms instead.
As an aside, this comment also exemplifies a strange pattern of trying to negotiate with political stances. The comment says: "Why should I fight for your rights when you don't fight for mine". Consider these possibilities:
  1. The author disagrees with the right to abort. In this case they weren't going to support the right to abort anyway, so any implied negotiation of gaining their support by helping their agenda is meaningless.
  2. The author agrees with the right to abort. In this case the author is shooting is cutting of their agenda's nose to spite its face.
In either case, their position actively damages their own agenda. A much better paradigm is to advocate for the stances that you think will make the world a better place. If someone disagrees with you try to convince them otherwise. Turning it into a meta conversation isn't going to achieve anything tangible.
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2021.12.04 16:38 LPaGGG Any ways to watch games in Europe?

The games aren't on TV in my country and I couldn't find any good streams. Does anyone know a good site where I can watch?
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2021.12.04 16:38 CurtCashy Reshiram - Adding 10 - 7618 4277 1398

Add + Be Online.
Don’t add me if you’re not joining the raid. I’m going to remove you from my friends list. I don’t want a gift, I want Reshiram. Thanks.
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2021.12.04 16:38 Individual-Manner-67 When The Postman Stopped Coming (Horror)

We had noticed the postman stopped coming on Thursday. He hadn’t shown up since the week prior, but it was the first time that me and Caroline had noticed it.
“Maybe he’s just on vacation or something,” said Caroline when I was pondering the question.
“But would they not have another postman in his place?” I asked.
Caroline stopped scrubbing a casserole dish and let out a long sigh. “I don’t know Greg, it’s not like I’m some expert on the US postal service. For all we know, we just haven’t got any new mail.”
“It’s just strange is what it is.”I said, scratching my nails against the leather upholstery of my chair.
“You know what it could be?” Caroline rinsed the suds off the dish. “He could have caught something. I swear, something has been going around. I think I might’ve caughten it too. I haven’t been feeling all myself lately.”
“Where would you have caught it?” I asked. “Tell me, when have you last left the house?”
She dried her hands against her apron. “Well I am the only one who does the shopping, you know. And that Mrs. Crenshaw is always under the weather with something. Who knows? I could be dead within a week.”
“Now that you mention it, I haven’t been feeling so well either.” I puffed my cigar slowly.
“Oh really? Now you tell me when you last left the house.”
“You probably gave it to me.” I replied. “Since you’ve decided you’re at death's door.”
“Well how else should I be sure?” she said. “Without our precious postman, I cannot write a letter to my doctor asking how long a person can live being married to you.”
“If you keep that up, I can tell you the answer is not long.”
She chuckled and resumed the monotony of washing the dishes.
“You can always call the doctor, you know.” I suggested.
“Oh I just remembered, the phone is broken.” She replied
“Yes, the phone is not working. I’ve tried to call Marnie earlier today and I couldn’t hear a ring. The radio is acting up, too.”
“How odd.” I said.
Days had passed since we had last seen our postman, or anyone for that matter. Since I had been laid off a few months earlier, it was Caroline who had been leaving the house for groceries and what not.
One day she had returned home empty handed looking very pale. She collapsed onto my chair.
“No one is in town.” she said.
“What on earth do you mean?” I asked.
“No one is in town,” she repeated. “I couldn’t find a single soul in the streets and all the shops were closed. It was like one of those ghost towns. Can you get me an aspirin? I’ve got another one coming on.”
I ran upstairs and got her the aspirin and a glass of water.
I handed it to her and she took it all down quickly.
She gagged a little bit. “Jesus, it’s no use at this point. I still feel awful.” She began to bite her nails, a habit which disgusted me.
The familiar sounds of a jet engine distracted us from her headache.
“Another crop duster?” She asked.
I stuck my head out the open window. “No, no. It’s a helicopter this time. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of those crop dusters. Those dumb hicks don’t even know that the nearest farmland is miles from here.”
“Well this was my father’s farm,” she said. “Maybe they think it’s still running. I still don’t understand why you wanted me to take the opportunity to move here. I never really liked this place. I don’t like being in the middle of nowhere.”
I was about to respond when another noise erupted from somewhere outdoors. A sharp, ear splitting screech that I had recognized as the agonized screams of an infant. I tried to cover my ears, but the noise got even louder.
Caroline looked at me with a confused expression. “What has gotten into you?”
“Don’t you hear it?” I grit my teeth.
“Hear what, Greg?”
“A baby crying. Jesus, someone needs to go and shut it up. How can you not hear it?”
Caroline dropped her expression and stared deep into me. Her voice got very low. “That is not funny.”
“I’m not joking, why don’t you hear it screaming it’s bloody head off!”
She clenched her skirt and opened her mouth, but said nothing.
“I don’t know whose it is, but whoever’s it is it -”
I was interrupted by a coughing fit. I spat blood all over the floor.
The two of us looked at the blood and then at each other.
We didn’t know what to say.
A man in a long green, rubber suit wandered outside our house at night. Every night I saw him, I would try to make Caroline see him, too. For whatever reason, she could never see him.
“You are going crazy.” She kept telling me. “Maybe it’s you.” I said, to which she rolled her eyes.
It was a wonder she called me the crazy one. Two nights ago, I walked into the kitchen only to see Caroline fall back in shock when she saw me. She stared at me in what could only be utter fear.
“What are you doing here?” Her hands gripped the counter behind her. “I live here, in case you forgot. What the hell is your problem.” She grabbed a knife and pointed it towards me. “Papa, stay away. Stay away!” After a while she calmed down and promptly forgot about everything that happened.
We continued seeing things that the other couldn’t see
I came to the conclusion that I was going to murder my wife. I told her exactly that.
“Why don’t you hurry up, then!” She shouted out from the bathroom, where she spent hours at a time complaining about her lost beauty. Although her face began to sink in and her hair began to thin a bit, she still did not look much different than before.
She stormed out of the bathroom. She had bitten her fingernails to bloody nubs.
“Before you kill me,” she snapped “Would you please, fix the radio and the telephone. It’s been nearly a month and you still haven’t even mentioned it since.” “I’ve been working really hard Carol and it’s like … it’s like these little things are all you care about. I can’t do anything to appease you, can I?” “You don’t do anything period!” She screamed. “I’ve done a lot.” My voice began to rise a little. “Like what?”
My voice got caught in my throat. She laughed a malicious, empty laugh.
“Some man you are.”
For some reason, it was those words that really sent me over the edge. A surge of white, hot hatred bubbled up from my stomach.
“Some man I am?” I was practically seething with rage at this point. “You heard me, some man you are!” “You know …” I tried to stop myself before I would say anything I could regret.
“What do I know, Greg?”
That was it. That fucking tone she took. Any care for her emotional well being burned away, I wanted to see her suffer.
“I - I might not be the man you want, but I’m not a failure like you!”
She started grinning wildly.
“And how do you prove that? Please why don’t you tell me how I failed you. Because last I checked, I’ve been doing everything around here. I’m so sorry! I’ll just keep quiet while you point out all of my shortcomings!”
“Y-you aren’t a fucking woman!” I screamed. She looked like she was about to laugh at me, she really wanted me to know that. I didn’t want to hold back anymore.
“You are a fucking meat grinder!”
Suddenly, her face fell to something of confusion, then shock.
“You can’t even do what you were made to fucking do! Your body … your body rejects all life! Yes, you are a failure! A … a failure at the biological level!”
It was worth it. Seeing her stammer and try to hold back her pain. She hated me then so much that she didn’t want me to know I made her feel anything, but she didn’t do a very good job.
Those burning eyes widened with utter resentment.
“You … you … you…” She backed into the kitchen counter as she started to blubber.
My sadistic glee melted into remorse as she broke.
“Caroline … I’m so sorry.”
She gripped a glass in the sink, her body tensed and writhed.
“ You monster!” She screeched as she lobbed the glass towards me.
The glass shattered at the wall, which was feet away from me. The glass fell to shreds onto the floor. Caroline notoriously had awful aim.
We stood in recognition of the bizarre, uncalled for spat.
Caroline collapsed to the floor in tears.
“What is happening to us!” She shrieked, raising herself to her knees. I hobbled over to her. I was so disgusted with myself, how dare I try to break her down in such an awful way? The same woman who had been practically babying me since I lost my job?
“I…” I searched for an answer, something logical or a lie sensible enough to comfort her.
“I don’t know.”
We couldn’t keep much of anything down anymore.
It was almost amazing how much bile we could produce, only bile. We had almost stopped eating altogether.
We would take turns retching in the pots we left scattered around the house, we had long since stopped bothering to race to the toilet. There was no energy left in us.
Our fits of mania only increased daily, one morning I found myself carving up my favorite chair with a hat pin. Caroline had completely chewed off her nails so she had begun to gnaw at her bloody fingertips.
Our conversations devolved into horrific screams at one another and shared sobs.
We never thought it could get worse, until the spells began.
I was pacing in the kitchen when I heard Caroline crash down the stairs, I raced to her and found her wincing over a twisted ankle. She smeared her bleeding tips over her dress and stubbled white legs.
She stared up at me, her mouth opened wide.
I cleaned her up with a wet rag and she told me she would never again go upstairs.
“I can’t even trust myself to move.” She wept. “Oh god, body is my enemy!”
I decided to bring our mattress downstairs to the living room after that.
Mine started not long after. I had just come back in the house after getting some air, when I tripped on myself. When I had tried to push myself back up, my arms began to tremble. In no time, my whole body began to violently twist and shake on the floor.
The lights flashed and I could only hear what sounded like an army of Carolines screaming over each other. Some in terror or desperation, others jeering at my misfortune. The wetness in my trousers seeped out onto the floor and splashed all over me.
I was a lowly creature, flailing uncontrollably in its own urine.
When the humiliation finally came to an end I was graced by seeing Caroline gripping the walls, limping as fast as she could to me.
“I’m coming, I’m coming!” She called out hoarsely.
It was almost humorous seeing her struggle on her way to help her pathetic excuse for a husband. The two of us warped into a parody of humankind, how scared and helpless we were when our forms turned against us. When whatever illness that had imprinted upon us could not be cured by even what was left of our kindness.
That’s just what we were, terrified and alone.
We lay on our mattress, looking up at the ceiling.
The lethargy of basic function had taken its toll. A never ending cycle of arguing, hallucinating, spasming, and vomiting did a wonder on us.
For days at a time, we lay with each other. Connected in the constance of vertigo and half-sleep.
“Are we going to die?’ Whispered Caroline. She was lying on my chest, I could feel her bones through her skin with only a mere brush of my palm.
“Well, we are going to die. We’re all fated to eventually,” I said.
Caroline let out a long sigh. “Please just be straight with me, Greg.”
I held her a little tighter. I didn’t want to say anything. I didn’t want to think about our obviously approaching mortality, I just wanted to lie there with her.
“If we do die, we will go to heaven. We’ll go somewhere nice, I promise.”
She looked up at me, she scrunched up her face. If she could still produce tears, they would be streaming.
“Don’t lie to me. We’re going nowhere. We’re going to die and rot in this house miles away from anyone. Oh my god! There is nothing, Greg. There is nothing!”
I wanted to fight against her, to tell her that there had to be a God. That there had to be a reason that we suffered. There had to be some salvation, there just had to! Deep down however, I knew she was right. No benevolent creator would ever allow such a beautiful and lovely wife as my Caroline to live through such horrors.
“I’m so sorry, Greg.” She moaned. “I’m so sorry I could never give you what you wanted, what I wanted. I would have loved to give you children. I really did try. I would have loved to be a mother, to birth and raise someone we made together. I don’t know why I couldn’t and I’ve always hated myself for it. And I’m sorry, I really am.”
She began to huff and shudder, crying in the only way she could.
“You never needed to give me more than you already did.” I told her.
We stopped in the silence. Only listening to that goddamned crop duster still whirring overhead. That’s when I realized that it might not have been just a crop duster after all. It all made sense to me now, but it really no longer mattered. What could I do now? What could I have done if I had known before? Probably nothing.
I was weak. I couldn’t even lift Caroline off me if I wanted to and I didn’t. She was here with me and I was with her. Even if we were shells of ourselves, even if we weren’t as bold or as clever as we once were. There wasn’t nothing, we had each other.
“Remember our wedding?” I asked.
“How could I forget?” I could hear the smile creep up in her small voice.
“How I was so scared that I stammered through our vows? I practically sweat through my rented suit.”
She chuckled softly.
“You were just so beautiful in your dress that I felt I could never measure up. God, I couldn’t even put that ring on your finger the first try.”
“Oh, you thought you were so nervous?” chortled Caroline. “Do you know how many days I spent practically wringing off my hands as I tried on dresses? Looking so beautiful in a dress is not as easy as you put it. I wanted to look my best for you, you know.”
“Remember the dog that almost knocked over our cake?” I asked. “God, What was his name?”
“Richard? I swear I told my sister not to bring him.” said Caroline. “She even told me she wouldn’t. I even confronted her on it and she said ‘Well, you have your man, why can’t I have mine?’. We both laughed so hard, I couldn’t stay mad at her.”
We laughed together, feeling the first ounce of joy we had in ages.
“There was never a doubt in my mind that I wanted you. My pretty little Carol.”
We paused again, soaking in our situation. There was no way we would keep on going, our dreams of growing old together had long been destroyed with a headache and the engine of an airplane.
“I love you, Greg.” Caroline muttered quietly.
And with that, I felt her leave in my arms. The little weight she had disappeared to almost nothing.
I was finally alone, under the corpse of the woman I loved. Forced to face the finality of it all with no one.
I looked back up at the fading ceiling. The plaster swirled invitingly, whirling in a pleasant blur.
“I love you, too.” I whispered. “And I do foolishly hope that I’ll see you again.”
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2021.12.04 16:38 amlight Do you know any tattoo artists who could draw something temporary over a bad tattoo that I have before my wedding? Is that even an option?

I have a half sleeve that I hate. The artist used someone else’s work in his portfolio and let’s just say he’s not as good as he made it seem. I’ve had this ugly thing on my arm for 8 years. But a few years ago I finally found an artist I trust to cover it up. We expanded it to a full sleeve and so far we have the outline done. You can see the the old new tattoo simultaneously right now.
My problem is, I started this cover up in a different state and then I unexpectedly moved out here to the bay before we could finish it and then covid happened. I never imagined I wouldn’t be able to make it back home for this long. I’ve made several attempts to go back this year and sadly I just couldn’t make it work. My wedding is coming up in June and I just can’t stand the idea of this ugly thing being visible at all on that big day.
I really don’t like the idea of having another artist finish what mine started and I don’t know if makeup would actually cover it without smudging all over my dress throughout the day. Then I thought maybe it can be temporarily covered up? I honestly don’t know how to go about this and I’m just trying to get some options lined up. I’m going to try my hardest to get back for at least a weekend but if I can’t, I hope I can figure out an alternative. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thank you.
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2021.12.04 16:38 Bebobopo How can I strip outside paint for a arrma infraction body without damaging the origanal print?

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2021.12.04 16:38 QueenK1tten Born With Horns

Who all has already bought the new album? Normally at this time I count down days until Christmas but nope not this time. I'm counting down the days until I can blast Born With Horns. ❤️❤️ Who's with me lol
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2021.12.04 16:38 dglvr83 Brand new symptom! Foot buzzing/vibrating!

Exactly as the title says.
Weird foot buzzing/vibrating.
It doesn't hurt, but it sure is weird.
I've had the shooting neuropathy pain before in the same foot, but never a buzzing/vibration before.
Am mostly amused, but for some reason it wouldn't let me tag as funny. LOL.
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