In your opinion, what is the best Apocalypse movie?

2021.09.20 09:06 EmceeSpike In your opinion, what is the best Apocalypse movie?

I really enjoy the apocalypse genre. Movies like 28 days later, the day after tomorrow, Contagion, 12 monkeys, etc. My personal favorite type is when you get to see life before, then during and after. So for me it's The Day After Tomorrow. Weirdly enough, resident evil 1 and 2 are up there for me as well.
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2021.09.20 09:06 thebitcoinpartybot the government of salvador purchased an additional 150 btc

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2021.09.20 09:06 Winterfell153 Sleeping without a pillow is better

I hate the elevation you get from pillows it always puts my neck in a weird spot. The mattress gives more than enough softness and my head feels natural flat on the mattress
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2021.09.20 09:06 Wldhorscodntkepmeawa Dice

Oh to play another round. Bet I would win this time? Or maybe we would break even again? Who knows the game is over now..but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it tremendously!
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2021.09.20 09:06 SaulLambert11 What’s your favorite follower of all time?

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2021.09.20 09:06 Sparkle_Sam Join our inspiring NFTartist Luvcraft tomorrow live at 19:00 CEST on Discord []🎉🥳

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2021.09.20 09:06 mrkx69 Cursed Perry the platypus

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2021.09.20 09:06 de-tails Don't the people realize that the same people would die unvaxed if they contracted Covid?

All those posts about people reacting badly to the vaccine, do these people realize they would almost certainly die if they contracted covid?
People with complications from already bad health that got vaxed and became sick or were hospitalized are trolling around social media making people scared to vaccinate. And yet they would be the first to die if they got the virus.
Would you prefer a temporary period of illness over death??
Evidence-based science has already proven this ia the truth. Why are these misinformed people spreading their cancerous opinions. WHY ARE PEOPLE LISTENING TO THEM.
Sick of it. I suppose it is edging toward survival of the intelligent from this point on.
Not here to preach or anything, just asking real questions here.
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2021.09.20 09:06 saralligator Radio Stations

Hey hey. I moved to Brisbane a couple years ago from SF but only just got a car. I like listening to the radio but the only decent ones I’ve found are AM stations 693 and 792.
Like good news and music (don’t we all?), not really a top 40 listener though. Love mostly everything else though. What ya think?
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2021.09.20 09:06 mujshanan92 A CBDC will make the FED life miserable

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2021.09.20 09:06 dark_knight_rayleigh It’s Bokuto Day!!!

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2021.09.20 09:06 Zertael Are player-made clans going to be a thing in D2R?

I started making plans for a clan for the D2R launch and it got me thinking...are clans even going to be a thing? These days people seem to latch more onto the giant "gaming communities" with hundreds of people. Thinking about it, I haven't seen clan tags in games on BNet in a long time.
I miss seeing all of the clan tags on characters. It's one of the community things that I wish they had added into D2R.
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2021.09.20 09:06 Noh84thefake HIGH PRICES

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2021.09.20 09:06 XLaQuicaX [H] 300+ Orders Spotif Lifetime ($3.75) [W] PayPal/Crypto

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2021.09.20 09:06 Yeshe0311 I Ron Swanson'd my son

Today I unintentionally but hilariously radicalized my 5yo son into libertarianism/anarchism.
I'm the only working member of my household as my wife is a stay at home mom of her choosing and we have 3 kids, 5yo 3yo 9mo. Money is obviously tight but I work long hours and nights at $12ph w/ overtimeto provide everything I can and give them what I didn't have growing up.
The military never did anything for me while I served or when I got out so I'm not that fond of the govt but I got a job offer from the USPS for $19ph so of course I accepted. My wife was telling her family and my son heard I was going to work for the government and asked what that is. I told him it's a group of people including the president who make rules for people and take our money. He was very shocked and looked me dead in the eyes and said, "I don't like the government and I don't want you working for them, you're going to steal my money."
He is now glaring at me and hid his piggy bank.
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2021.09.20 09:06 ThatDudeYallKnow BEST GROUP ✅🔥You can still Hmu on telegram to gain access to the telegram group. $6 entry fee. (18,600vids)(100+ megalinks). telegram is @wokendemon or hit me on here if account not banned yet.🔥✅

BEST GROUP ✅🔥You can still Hmu on telegram to gain access to the telegram group. $6 entry fee. (18,600vids)(100+ megalinks). telegram is @wokendemon or hit me on here if account not banned yet.🔥✅ submitted by ThatDudeYallKnow to TheStreetsofReddit [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 09:06 Inner_Hospital_2123 Lexus RCF

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2021.09.20 09:06 GeminiRavens need uxie raid, I'm level 46 4133 5743 4486

4133 5743 4486
I'm online
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2021.09.20 09:06 anarcho-brutalism KPRF wins 26,51% of votes in the Russian elections. United Russia trails them with 24,50%.

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2021.09.20 09:06 sithdude24 Try to figure out the context to this

Yes no no not really yes yes no
Not really no no yes no no no day
N/A insta insta N/A N/A tacos discord dogs N/A
Yes yes yes no no yes yes
Brown 13 Kill La Kill fall
America N/A yes monkey the scientist see below 45 XC/track vampire no
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2021.09.20 09:06 svanapps r/Monero - Privacy coin use will be a 250000 fine and 5 years prison

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2021.09.20 09:06 TangyOrang I just lost something very important to me oh god

IM SO SORRY the thing I lost is not very important in hindsight or in general.
I’m just genuinely upset at myself for not knowing that I lost it??? Oh god like it just hit me now that it’s most likely gone and I won’t be able to find it.
I already vented about this like a hot minute ago but it just shocks me at how stupid I can be. I lost my 3DS case and I know it’s stupid I know. I still have the 3DS itself thank god.
But all of my favorite games were in there, they were the ones I played and loved so much from 5th grade to middle school. I don’t play them as much anymore but they mean so much to me. My favorite series was Fire emblem and it still is. Holy shit I’m just I don’t know if I’m mad or sad or upset but oh god
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2021.09.20 09:06 naughty_luke At the beach ☀️ - Lily Chee

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2021.09.20 09:06 dizzydreaming-12 Black or color?

I have a black tattoo I want to get covered. I was curious if black or color is more difficult to remove? My tattoo is pretty damn dark so I’m thinking I’ll need a lot of sessions. Am curious the differences between color and time of removal. Thank you!
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2021.09.20 09:06 ramnramn124 Old animation is realistic. I miss old .What is the best? Old? New?

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