What that famous "infamous" fed story where a bunch of cops from different agencies all planned to commit a terrorist attack but they ALL were cops and none of them new until they tried to arrest each other?

2021.09.20 10:58 How_To_Freedom What that famous "infamous" fed story where a bunch of cops from different agencies all planned to commit a terrorist attack but they ALL were cops and none of them new until they tried to arrest each other?

I know this doesn't have much to do with guns, but i know we all love cops in here, so a while back i heard a tall tale about a bunch of cops who were all from different agencies,
some was from the city police,
another from county sheriffs,
some from state troopers,
and some from federal agencies,
and none of them new the others were cops, not a single one,
so them not knowing any of them were cops, they all agreed and conspired to commit a some sort of terrorist attack and on the eve of the attack suddenly the city cops bust in, saying everyone is under arrest,, then the county cops bust in, saying everyone is under arrest, then the state troopers bust in, saying everyone is under arrest, then the feds,
and the story goes the fed's having top jurisdiction and authority arrest everyone, and i can't remember if it actually made it to the press, but the story ends with no one was charged and the whole thing was swept under the rug as a probably one of the greatest embarrassments of US law enforcement history
that's the story i heard, i don't know if it's true, i don't know if it's an old wives tale but i wanted to ask if this sounds familiar and if anyone has heard of it? and can reference anyone to the real story, thanks
thank you
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2021.09.20 10:58 divya_rastogi78 Lol siman

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2021.09.20 10:58 bob_n_tem Pogo Zombie (PvZ)

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2021.09.20 10:58 Manarinni4 Opinions on this profile?

I'd appreciate if you could give feedback on this profile and color scheme.

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2021.09.20 10:58 MISITO_SK Prostě maminy.

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2021.09.20 10:58 BigBurtrum -99%

Funny to see my stonks down 99% with this one, what’s peoples opinions on this token? Is there a comeback? How long if you think there is. I have good faith if they stick at it maybe in 5 years there’s a good future for it if they can make it through the lows.
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2021.09.20 10:58 Foostoop Looking more grayish than white. Is this contam?

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2021.09.20 10:58 17-rob-nbma Autumn at the Woodstock inn at Woodstock

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2021.09.20 10:58 couponfordeals 36% of > $51.99 < Mark Ryden MR9711 Men Computer Backpack Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2021.09.20 10:58 Yourwtfismyftw What is an oddly specific or improbable Bucket List item that you managed to achieve?

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2021.09.20 10:58 MandrewManson What is the longest surviving country?

To be more precise, which country has existed for the longest period of time without being dissolved or suffering a major change in government (due to puppeting, revolution, imperialism, or otherwise)?
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2021.09.20 10:58 AntiBullshyt Is there any way to keep smoking with potential CHS?

I dont know if it's from weed or something else but I do have abdominal discomfort, sometimes pain, I few nauseous some days, especially if I haven't eaten. I'm not usually hungry until I eat something and then I'll get hungry but I always have to have an initial something in order to feel hungry. I maybe eat once or twice a day tho. And I'm honestly really inactive, don't move around a lot and have other things I'm trying to get checked out (leg tightness, etc). Maybe the weed is affecting my gastrointestinal area and maybe it's affecting the fogginess I have in my brain alot.
I've been smoking daily for like a year or so. Usually it was sometimes because I couldn't afford it so it was a few times a week maybe and not a lot. But I've been smoking hella times a day for months. Probably about a year now. I'll just smoke on a bowl or a bong and keep packing it once it's done. Maybe smoke 5+ a day. Probably a reason why I'm coughing more too. That and my Pectus Excavatum.
Anyway I've just learned about CHS and it has me paranoid that I have it or will get it. I'm also 25.
I'm not trying to get to the point where I get the heavy symptoms of it and I'm also not trying to get to a point where I have to quit weed forever. I have a lot of different strains and edibles I've wanted to try. Dispensaries I've wanted to try. Wanted to learn about farming weed and making edibles at some point too. I know I'm psychological addicted to it and I need to take a break. I do plan on cutting back on it, not smoking in the mornings but only the afternoons, hopefully this helps save money and also make me more motivated and productive, along with helping with my depression and anxiety.
But my question is; is there any way to keep smoking or being a smoker if you have CHS or cod get it? I read smoking again will just bring back the symptoms once you have it.
If you are experiencing discomfort and things but not the heavy stuff, is it possible to reverse it so you don't get CHS or are you just destined to have it at that point and there could be no more smoking ever?
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2021.09.20 10:58 peaches20000 Re-arranging equation help

How do I solve for ti where v = df-di/tf-ti
Here’s my attempt:
v(tf-ti) = df-di
tf-ti = df-di/v
-ti = df-di/v -tf
ti= df+di/v +tf
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2021.09.20 10:58 Direct_Tie_7083 Stuck in Limbo

I feel as if every night I stay awake and try not to sleep so I don’t have to endure the pain of tomorrow. I battle myself every night and relive my past day of mistakes. Tomorrow felt like yesterday, and nothing I experience anymore is new. I feel as if a piece of me gets left behind everyday. I don’t want to leave these pieces.
I haven’t had a meaningful relationship in over 2 years now. What is someone’s true motivation for commitment? I hate the idea of monetary gain. The idea of loving someone entirely and selflessly sounds like the most idiotic idea ever, and I don’t feel as if it is truly possible for me. I can make friends, and I always know what to say. I don’t always say what I know they want to hear. How can I show my love through lies? I find it hard to be genuine with anyone. Am I manifesting this character now, or is my impulsivity and reckless decision making who I truly am?
I feel anxious, yet I do not fear the future. I am attractive, yet I decide not to dress myself well. I don’t feel at all some days, and it is easy to leave them in the abyss. I feel as if it is a god complex sometimes, some days I feel so weak. How do I continue if I do not know why I am on my journey?
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2021.09.20 10:58 emulbeelk Is anyone else's phobia rooted in the fear of starvation?

For me, v* itself is not scary. My fear is never being able to eat again and v* over and over again once it happens one time. Like the idea of a broken seal, leading me into a downward spiral that ends with emaciation and never getting back a healthy weight.
Is that what anyone else feels like?
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2021.09.20 10:58 Rascar__Capac Pour Jean-Bernard Lévy, la Russie et la Chine poussent à l'exclusion du nucléaire de la taxonomie verte européenne

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2021.09.20 10:58 JDavie2357 Good start to first ride

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2021.09.20 10:58 Crystal_Jayde777 Custom content purchasable all day long. |what's your fetish? | I do anything | Kik : crystal.jaydee || snapchat crystaljayde26 || links in bio! ♥️

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2021.09.20 10:58 tittylamp tldr; what room fragrances are frog safe?

so ill be frank, my room can be pretty dank. which is also where i keep my frog. i know aerosols and candles are no-nos, im against them in general because theyre toxic to humans as well. im against plugins and the like for the same reasons. even car fresheners. ive done a few things in the past and i am considering a few others.
ive seen suggestions about air filters/purifiers. definitely something i would like once i have money, especially because i do wood burning/carving in my room as well. the smoke is not toxic (although its carcinogenic i suppose but its a small amount in a big room with a fan) and hasnt affected my frog in any way.
one thing ive used is incense. i asked about incense specifically when i got my frog and was told it was okay. i know pet stores dont always give the most accurate information but he had a frog and said he was perfectly healthy. i dont use incense anymore, but not because im afraid of the averse affects to my frog or me. it was very quite necessary at the time unfortunately my apartment was semi-consistently stinky due to pets that werent mine. i no longer need to cover smells like that.
i also used carpet powder (on linoleum) to combat the smell and fleas. swept it up after a few minutes. this can cause allergic reactions in people and pets, but i never noticed any in my household.
what im wondering now, is if essential oils in a diffuser would be bad. ive both heard that essential oils are a non-toxic alternative to artificial fragrances and that they ARE toxic. i make my own moisturizers and other things with them and swear by them. coconut oil and lavender oil mixed together fades scars like you wouldnt believe. i swear by them. and yet im not sure how valid either claims are. i think its simply a quality issue, fixed by buying good essential oils or making them yourself. i dont really see an issue.
theres also those diffusers with the sticks that you place in the smelly liquid that are used in bathrooms, i wonder if those would be safe.
im also unsure about wax burners. i feel like its essentially the same as a candle without the wick. which is a healthiER alternative, but i feel like it could still be toxic. once again, maybe i just need to make my own. beeswax and essential oil might do the trick. i even have boil bags for candles i never made because i have adhd. you can get them at hobby lobby with a 40% off coupon. just pull it up on your phone at checkout.
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2021.09.20 10:58 BenGamez So TVT and Deep Vegan have some… very concerning views on 9/11

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2021.09.20 10:58 Floor-Proof Stalking e botte a una coetanea, arrestate quattro quindicenni a Brescia

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2021.09.20 10:58 TaapasT Is Google Keep Safe?

I'm a bit paranoid about my privacy, lately. I store a lot of work-related stuff on the app that is important to me, and my job. I was wondering if Google had an access to all of our stuff, and if they're able to read and access it. Google Keep doesn't have any other security features. I also changed the password of my Google account, but it didn't log me out of my Keep app. And do you recommend storing my credentials here?
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2021.09.20 10:58 grapejuicecheese Spider-man Rates his Opponents (from Spider-man Unmasked 1996)

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